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Professional Stump Grinding Services in Denver and Aurora, CO

Stump grinding following tree removal is a complicated job that needs professional knowledge and hands-on experience. At M & H Tree Service, we provide expert stump grinding in Denver and Aurora, CO, without causing any disturbance to the surrounding area. A locally owned and operated business of Colorado natives, we have been helping both residential and commercial customers for over 25 years. We can help you with tree care jobs of all sizes.

Reasons to Remove Stumps From Your Property

For many property owners, the sight of a tree stump on their yard is constant source of annoyance. Tree stumps are not visually pleasing and can stand out like a sore thumb on an otherwise immaculate looking lawn. It can be an eyesore even on the most organized exterior landscape.

Aside from aesthetics, tree stumps that are left behind can serve as a tripping and injury hazard on your property. This is especially true if you have children and/or pets. The last thing you want is to have your child or dog running around in the yard, only to have him or her trip and sprain an ankle or worse. Not to mention, if someone else injures him or herself on your property thanks to a tree stump, you could be held liable, further making it an unnecessary risk to have on your lawn.

In addition, leftover tree stumps make the upkeep of the exterior of your property more difficult. Isn’t it frustrating to have to veer your lawn mower around the tree stump? Tree stumps also make it harder to trim your lawn, pluck weeds from it and do other chores. Even worse, if you accidentally clip said tree stump with your mower, trimmer or other tool, it can cause it to break, and provide you with another headache.

Another common issue that tree stumps create is they tend to be a destination for unwanted insects. No one wants insects attracted to their property, but a tree stump is often a surefire way to have a proliferation of insects take up shop in the exterior of your home. The reason being is many types of insects are attracted to decaying trees and start to live in the rotting ones. Since it takes years and years for trees to fully deteriorate and decompose, this will not be a short term issue. The issue is even more exasperating when it is termites, who can cause all sorts of damage to the structure of your home if they get too close. Put simply, a relatively minor issue like having a tree stump in your yard can turn into a much more serious and expensive issue if it creates a major insect problem.

Stumps can also cause unwanted trees to start growing. A small, unplanned tree can adversely affect the landscape design of your home. Even if you try to nip the issue in the bud early, trying to remove a tree that is has already set its roots is a difficult endeavor, and the roots will steal nutrients from other trees, plants and shrubs nearby.

How We Remove Tree Stumps

Fortunately though, there is one easy solution that will prevent you from having to worry about any of the aforementioned issues from happening—have your tree stump professionally removed. We use a grinding machine that eradicates unsightly stumps from your property so you can have a healthy and smooth landscape once again. Our powerful chip grinder allows us to remove the stump gradually, and our team grinds the stump all the way up to 5-8 inches below the ground surface. Notably, our grinder can be used on an assortment of surfaces, so we have experience removing stumps from all types of properties.

After we finish grinding, we replace the displaced stump with soil and wood chips to blend the excavated area in with the rest of your landscape. This restores the beauty of your property and removes the safety hazard. What’s more, if you’d like to plant a new tree in its place, we can help you jumpstart the process.

Contact M & H Tree Service For Your Tree Stump Removal Needs

The number one thing that separates M & H Tree Service from competitors is that we treat each and every job as if it was our own yard we are working on. We follow the latest industry standards, forms and practices. In addition, we take tremendous pride in the fact that we are hands on to our clients’ needs and concerns, and we always offer superior customer service.

As Colorado natives, we love how beautiful and green our home state is and we work diligently to keep things that way. If you would like to learn more about the tree stump removal services we offer in the Aurora and Denver areas, or if you would like to obtain a free quote for our services, contact us.