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At M & H Tree Service, we provide professional tree care services to help you maintain a healthy and beautiful landscape. Our tree service in Denver and Aurora, CO, is available for residential and commercial clients looking for a reliable company to solve their tree issues.

We address various tree care concerns such as structural integrity, appearance, tree risk, and shape. Our highly trained and experienced team not only enhances the natural aesthetics of your landscape but also helps in preserving the stature, seasonal character, and strength of your trees. We can also provide you with free mulch upon request to ensure healthy tree growth.

Our 24 emergency tree service in Denver and Aurora, CO, is available to provide you instant help with tree removal and pruning issues. We remove dead trees, fallen or diseased trees, and structurally compromised tree branches and shrubs. This helps to improve the overall look and appeal of your landscape while minimizing storm damage.

Let’s take a look at the different services we offer.

Tree Removal Services

Do you have an old tree on your property that you’re worried may soon collapse, putting your property at risk? Alternatively, is an overgrown tree threatening your roof, power lines or another area of your property? If so, you should strongly consider having the tree professionally removed.

We provide professional tree removal services in the Denver and Aurora, CO areas. Our entire staff is comprised of licensed arborists, and we handle all aspects of the job, including the cutting, cleaning and hauling of the tree. We do this in the most environmentally friendly way, and our deft arborists can cut around fences, power lines and other obstacles. When you hire us to remove a tree from your property, you won’t have to worry about a thing!

Tree Trimming Services

In addition, we provide professional tree trimming services that will improve the overall health of your tree, promote better growth and reduce the chances of the tree becoming diseased or a property hazard. What’s more, professional tree trimming services will improve the structural integrity of your tree and we’ll make sure that pesky branches that serve as a safety hazards are carefully removed.

Some of our clients call us periodically for our tree trimming services, while others make it an annual thing. Regardless of your needs, being proactive about the trees on your property will help you stay ahead of the curve and keep your curb appeal high.

Stump Grinding Services

As well, we offer stump removal and stump grinding services for our clients. Tree stumps are not only an unsightly presence on a lawn, but they also can be a tripping hazard, especially for young children and pets. Moreover, they’re also a safe haven and magnet for many insect types. As such, it’s sensible to have a tree stump professionally removed. We have the tools and expertise to remove rotting tree stumps from your home, and we do so at an affordable rate. Moreover, we use different stump removal techniques, and will select the right one based on the needs of your property.

Shrub Pruning and Shearing

M & H Tree Service also offers shrub pruning and shearing services. You might be wondering what the difference are between pruning and shearing. Put simply, shearing refers to the removal of the outer edges of branches, as the ultimate goal of shearing to aptly shape the tree. As such, shearing is ideal for home or business owners who want their shrubs to look a certain shape and make the exterior or their property more visually pleasing.

Meanwhile, pruning refers to selectively removing branches to keep the shrub at optimal size. Pruning helps keep shrubs and trees healthy, since removing a diseased branch causes the tree to focus on other branches. Pruning promotes better health and shapes the shrub back to its natural look, while shearing allows you to tailor its shape to how you prefer it.

Those are just some of the many different tree care services we offer our clients. Our company is fully licensed and insured, and all of our arborists are professionally licensed.

We’re a locally owned and operated business, ran by Colorado natives. We have over 25 years of experience and are renowned for providing our customers with the level of service they deserve. If you have any general or specific questions about our services, or if you’d like to schedule a FREE quote, contact us at your convenience.